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the magical world of airsickness bags

Welcome. This is what my wife calls "a bunch of stupid jokes and pictures of paper bags." She's right about the jokes. She's wrong about the bags: some of them are plastic.

What the critics say: "Utterly unnotable" (Wikipedia editor). "Ridiculous collections #4" (Buzzfeed). Other comments: "As complete wastes of time go, it's a very high quality complete waste of time... An entirely dispensable source of inane comments about a truly trivial subject... A monument to the planet's worst corporate design... An unwelcome reminder of some of the more unpleasant moments in our lives."

Donations (unused, please) of bags not represented in the bag gallery are welcomed -- please mail to this address, and I'll credit you on this site! I am happy to trade any extras that I have. Check out the links to other bag sites, find out how you can use your spare bags, and explore the fascinating world of bag manufacturers

Highlights: The design features page reveals the secrets of professional baggery, and the logos page analyses the enigma of airline corporate identities. Search for your favourite bag, browse the bag gallery by country and airline, and check out the biggest, best and worst bags!

News to die?

For those devotees who feared that might already be dead, the answer is "not yet".

Indeed, I have had little time to dedicate to baggy things recently. Blame a hectic travel schedule, a backlog of work, screaming clients, and a new house and garden.

But now comes a more serious threat: Google has announced that for Blogger, "FTP publishing will no longer be available after May 1, 2010".

Translated into language that the average baggist may just understand, that means that I'm going to have to move this blog to another server. That will undoubtedly mess up all the careful design I've devoted so much sweat and care to over the years. And if things go awry, this blog may disappear forever into the depths.

If I do manage to make the switch, will come back bigger, brighter and better than ever before. Once I've got a break from travelling, worked off the backlog, assuaged my clients, and got house and garden in order. I promise.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 

Ordner sind brechend voll

"Folders are full to bursting", but that misses the pun in German: "brechend" can mean both "bursting" and "vomiting".

The Wormser Zeitung, a local newspaper in Worms, Germany, carried this article about Gerd Clemens and his bag habit on 31 March 2010.

The accompanying photo has a beaming Gerd with the usual photogenic bags: Finnaviation's barfing reindeer, TUI's bright yellow "Take it with a smile", and a selection of the Virgin Atlantic Limited Edition series.

As a result of the article, the media pack descended on the Clemens household: Gerd says that SWR, a TV channel, carried a story about him in its local news programme on 21 April.

"Wormser Zeitung"? Schoolboys will perhaps recall another reason to remember Worms, Gerd's hometown: the entertainingly named Diet of Worms, held in 1521, in which Holy Roman Empire worthies quizzed Martin Luther.

Who said you couldn't learn anything as a bag collector?

Click here for the original Wormser Zeitung article, or here for a PDF version. recommends Google Translate for those whose German is not up to par.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 

See you at the show?

If you are the sort of person who wants to travel hundreds of kilometres to a dingy warehouse in order to queue up in front of tables loaded with shoeboxes full of tatty, used barfbags, then this list of airline collectibles shows is for you.

Thanks to Dutch baggist Niek Vermeulen, who has been known to haunt such events, for this info. He can be easily spotted at the shows: he's the one wearing a yellow "Barfbags Wanted" baseball cap, haggling with vendors in the shadows.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 

Barfing stock

Singapore collector Chen Ying Hao is featured in a half page in the 17 April issue of the Straits Times.

This insightful article details some of Yinghao's collecting tricks, including the shameful practice of pretending to be ill while aloft.

On the same page is an advertisement trumpeting "sensuality in the bathroom". Click on the image on the left for more.

Visit Yinghao's collection at

Thanks to Straits Times journalist Nicholas Yong for this item.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 


What do Latvia, Liberia and Lesotho have in common? Yes, they all start with an L. What else? They're all missing from my barfbag collection.

What's the biggest country not represented? Chad. In terms of population? Burkina Faso. Other prominent absentees (coloured red in the map): Georgia and Rwanda. 

Major underrepresented portions of the globe are a swathe of Africa and chunks of Central Asia and Central America.

Donations from these areas especially welcome!

Centres of megabagdiversity are the USA (though many US bags are distressingly plain), China, the UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia. 

Click here for details.

For new baggists only


New to the world of bag collecting? Want to get a head start on your collection? Then send me an email, and I'll send you a randomly selected free starter pack from my surplus bag stock. There won't be anything rare, and you may end up with some duplicates, but at least you'll be able to show your friends a few more of these lovely cultural artefacts. Make sure you include your mailing address in your email. Offer good as long as stocks last.

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