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the magical world of airsickness bags

Welcome. This is what my wife calls "a bunch of stupid jokes and pictures of paper bags." She's right about the jokes. She's wrong about the bags: some of them are plastic.

What the critics say: "Utterly unnotable" (Wikipedia editor). "Ridiculous collections #4" (Buzzfeed). Other comments: "As complete wastes of time go, it's a very high quality complete waste of time... An entirely dispensable source of inane comments about a truly trivial subject... A monument to the planet's worst corporate design... An unwelcome reminder of some of the more unpleasant moments in our lives."

Donations (unused, please) of bags not represented in the bag gallery are welcomed -- please mail to this address, and I'll credit you on this site! I am happy to trade any extras that I have. Check out the links to other bag sites, find out how you can use your spare bags, and explore the fascinating world of bag manufacturers

Highlights: The design features page reveals the secrets of professional baggery, and the logos page analyses the enigma of airline corporate identities. Search for your favourite bag, browse the bag gallery by country and airline, and check out the biggest, best and worst bags!


All the news that's fit to print

From Alaska; Anchorage Daily News -14 July 2007

Bruce Kelly, CEO for Kelly's World of Airsickness Bags has categorically denied rumours of a hostile takeover of by CEO baggist Walter Brinker. "There is no truth to the rumours wildly circulating in the baggist fact, I believe Mr. Brinker has been secretly buying up large blocks of Kelly's World publicly traded stock and may be himself planning a hostile takeover of my operation,.... but we have the means to stop any such action by Mr. Brinker" states Mr. Kelly. However, baggist Kelly has admitted that he has secretly coveted Mr. Brinker's Air Guinée bag for many years.

The once genteel barf bag world that once operated on trust and trading amongst fellow collectors has been rocked in recent years by soaring prices for barf bags. Prices have escalated by some sources by as much as 1000%. A large number of barf bag speculators have entered the market hoping for quick returns on their money. Several international pension funds are now investing in the quite lucrative barf bag trade and are seeing annual returns of 40% or more on their money. The New York Stock Exchange recently suspended trading in and stock for one day when trading became over-heated.

Unfortunately, such speculative forces have also attracted the criminal element. Recently a man with multiple criminal convictions was apprehended by Danish police when he attempted to fence a stolen and very rare Royal Swazi Airlines barf bag belonging to Danish collector Mr. Homer Goetz. He had apparently by-passed Mr. Goetz's elaborate home security system by tunneling into his house. The Royal Swazi bag was returned to a quite disgruntled Mr. Goetz who found new coffee stains on the bag.

German resident and baggist, Mr. Paul Mundy reported a daring, daylight robbery attempt of his extremely rare first edition Batavia bag at his home. Fortunately Mr. Mundy thwarted the attempt with a show of force with his Smith & Wesson firearm. "Thank God, I lived in the USA for some years and was trained in the use of firearms", reported Mr. Mundy, who is presently facing charges for possession of a concealed weapon in the not so liberal German legal system that does not seem to recognize USA Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights.

American baggist Steve Silberberg reported a mentally unbalanced man had thrown acid on several of his bags being exhibited at the American Baywatch television show auditions. "I'm devastated, the Air Vietnam bag was the only one in existence and was irreplaceable at any price" reported a quite distraught Mr. Silberberg.

A man asked to use baggist Bob Grove's bathroom and walked off with 5 rare bags. Mr. Grove's bathroom and bedroom designs have consistently won home designer awards for their unique and tasteful use of individually framed barf bags. An enraged Mr. Grove refused to identify the stolen bags for this article, but commented... "let's just say they were not current British Airways bags, eh?".

Where will this madness end? It's anyone's guess, but the market could soon experience a downturn as some speculators are now turning their attention to airline swizzle sticks.

Sunday, July 15, 2007 


What do Latvia, Liberia and Lesotho have in common? Yes, they all start with an L. What else? They're all missing from my barfbag collection.

What's the biggest country not represented? Chad. In terms of population? Burkina Faso. Other prominent absentees (coloured red in the map): Georgia and Rwanda. 

Major underrepresented portions of the globe are a swathe of Africa and chunks of Central Asia and Central America.

Donations from these areas especially welcome!

Centres of megabagdiversity are the USA (though many US bags are distressingly plain), China, the UK, Canada, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia. 

Click here for details.

For new baggists only


New to the world of bag collecting? Want to get a head start on your collection? Then send me an email, and I'll send you a randomly selected free starter pack from my surplus bag stock. There won't be anything rare, and you may end up with some duplicates, but at least you'll be able to show your friends a few more of these lovely cultural artefacts. Make sure you include your mailing address in your email. Offer good as long as stocks last.

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